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Musician Spotlight: Benzer

About the Musician

Music is a gift that is used to express yourself in a way that sometimes words solely canโ€™t. 21-year-old singer and songwriter Benzer uses his sweet, soulful voice to exemplify this through his storytelling lyrics and sounds of smooth R&B, funk, soul and 90โ€™s hip-hop. His creativity derives from his desire to emulate his emotions into music while forming a connection between him and his listeners. Talking and socializing always came easy to him, but he soon discovered that music was the best way to truly share his love, fear, excitement, and perspectives that tend to stay under the surface. Benzer takes inspiration from music pioneers such as Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, as well as contemporary artists such as Anderson. Paak, Devin Morrison and Frank Ocean.

Born and raised in Rowland Heights, CA by Filipino immigrants, Benzerโ€™s passion for music dates back to Sunday mornings as a child listening to classic Filipino artists with his parents and singing at family karaoke nights. As he grew older, he realized musicโ€™s power to express emotion which led him to learn piano, drums, and guitar while singing in his local choirs. In his second year of college, he discovered music production by creating tracks in GarageBand to rap and sing to while also doing local performances with his friends for fun. Whenever Benzer isnโ€™t creating music he is out keeping conversations alive with friends, watching Laker games, or spending time with his family.

Benzerโ€™s career took off with his 2018 recorded single โ€œReal Intentionsโ€ included in his 2019 debut EP, โ€œOneโ€. As the pandemic brought the world to a full stop, a conversation with a childhood friend sparked the idea to create ARTFORM626, an art page centered around uplifting and showcasing local artists from his community regardless of their art medium. Currently, Benzer is getting ready to release his upcoming single โ€œOn Readโ€ featuring JoshuaTree and Jonathan Edwards which will be included in his second EP, named DEUCE out September 18th, along with previous singles โ€œBro Let It Goโ€ and โ€œAll Alone (In My Room)โ€ featuring David-Anthony.

Stream "On Read" out September 4th!

Keep Up With Him!

Instagram: @benzeruy

Facebook: @benzeruy

Twitter: @benzeruy

Youtube: Benzer



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